Iron Fencing and Gates in Memphis, Tennessee

Add a distinguished touch to your home or business with iron fencing and wrought iron gates from Pickle Iron Inc.

in Memphis, Tennessee.

Custom Wrought Iron

  • Stairways, railings, and balconies
  • Fences and gates, including security gates with automatic systems
  • Fireplaces with a choice of glass
  • Beautiful handcrafted security doors featuring double cylinder deadbolt locks
  • Bat-proof mailboxes and stands
  • Fireplaces with a choice of screen doors

Premium Construction
Wrought iron products are created with all-welded construction for quality and durability. Your custom built wrought iron fence will stand the test of time and weather, offering stability that no other product can. Pickle Iron is known for their security doors. We have been hand crafting beautiful, secure doors that add beauty to your home with the knowledge of knowing that you and your family will be safe from unwanted guests. Doors come with tempered glass and a Marks deadbolt lock from Italy. We install all of our products.

Need a Quote?
Let us come to your home or business, take measurements, and offer a consultation on the best wrought iron design for your property. You also have the option of visiting our shop in Memphis, Tennessee, to see examples of our fine work.

Repairs and Painting
Does your existing wrought iron need some help? We perform all types of repairs in addition to design painting on your existing and custom work. We also do welding repairs on mailstands, fence, signs, etc. Pickle Iron would be happy to give you a quote on sandblasting/repainting your iron door, fence, gates, mailstand, etc.   

Contact us today for a quote on custom wrought iron fencing.